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PMG specializes in providing photorealistic architectural renderings, interactive walk-throughs caparative design analsis and complex lighting studies. We serve architects and engineers in the visualization of high-end residential housing, state-of-the-art international airports and everything in between.


For over 20 years PMG has been providing design visualization services to the commercial space planning and furniture manufacturing industry. We collaborate on projects from inception through final installation/production and provide ongoing support for marketing materials, website imagery, and online product configurators.


We provide forensic animations, simulations, visual aids and court-room graphics. Our expert witness services also include authentication and deconstruction of opposition visualizations as well as expert witness testimony. Due to the sensitive nature of these services we do not publish work samples.



Christopher Lorenzo

About Us . Perspective Media Group is a full service 3D modeling and animation firm specializing in architectural visualization and forensic media. We provide technically accurate  architectural and product visualizations, legal animations, event reconstructions, and courtroom graphics.

The company was founded by Christopher Lorenzo, a technical animator with over 10 years Computer Graphics experience. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in architecture and is a certified instructor in Technology Education. He studied 3D Visualization at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco, and is one of very few animators to have received formal training in the presentation of forensic data. His work has been showcased on several nationally broadcast news and television series including Headline News’ “Forensic Files.”        



Forensic animations are a simple story telling device introduced by attorneys to assist juries in understanding the facts and issues of a case. They provide a persuasive edge to their user and can persuade a jury to accept their position by enhancing their understanding of the facts. Forensic animations can reduce time in court by providing clear, concise and persuasive presentation of all facts, disputed or not, and have been proven to increase the opportunity for early settlement.

Expert opinions are typically complex and difficult for the layperson to follow. A jurors inability to clearly understand and appreciate the complexities to the subject matter can be particularly critical to your case. Animations provide a means for litigants and their experts to summarize details in an easy to follow sequence of images. With animations, litigants have the ability to present complex information that may otherwise be a confusing morass of technical jargon.

Use our media-driven society to your advantage. The visual nature of forensic animations allow a jury to understand and trust your arguments more easily. Forensic animations grab the viewer’s attention more firmly, and for a longer period of time, than conventional static exhibits or mere words. They also provide the opportunity to connect with an audience via a medium with which they are already comfortable with and accustomed to. Moreover, numerous studies reveal that jurors are more likely to believe and remember what they can actually see. Cognitive studies have shown that jurors who experienced combined visual and verbal presentations retained 85% of that information as opposed to retaining only 10% with oral presentations alone! This is particularly important because a jury, or party to a case, cannot consider that which they cannot remember.

Forensic animations should be considered for all phases of litigation including evaluation, arbitration, mediation, and trial. Incorporating forensic animations into a litigation strategy will aid both lawyer and expert in determining the merits of their case, defining key issues, revealing elements previously overlooked, and determining the most effective method of presenting that information. The use of forensic animations can also provide an advantage during settlement negotiations by making clear the attorney’s intention to pursue the case further.

Forensic animations are quickly becoming an indispensable component of every successful attorney’s litigation arsenal. They not only allow attorneys to keep up with the more progressive trends of the legal profession, but also with the general advancement of technology in our society, technology on which many lawsuits are based.

Thanks to recent advances in computer and software technology, high quality Forensic Animations can be created for as little as $50-$100 per second, with most cases averaging $4,000-$12,000 finished and output to VHS, CD, or DVD.     

Although Forensic Animations require meticulous attention to detail in their creation and preparation, the use of state-of-the-art technologies such as satellite photography, physics driven dynamics, human motion capture and photo-realistic modeling techniques make achieving highly sophisticated simulations a relatively cost effective solution (Click here to view a detailed fee schedule).

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“We’re 3D modelers, animators, and storytellers. We make complex designs and concepts easy to understand.”
Christopher Lorenzo
3D Visualization Specialist